Do yourselves a favour.

Why didn't this happen years ago?
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Do yourselves a favour.

Post by admin » Thu Jul 30, 2020 8:27 pm

Long time coming.

Else, a long time us finding out.

You got two choices, confusingly, both going under the moniker of General Union.



Big logo, big union.

Getting on to 100 Shane teachers are members. Seems they have sued Shane plenty of times, Tokyo Labor Commission, District Court, High Court, Supreme Court. Getting results as well. Plenty of out of court settlements and one member humiliated Shane, the company was forced to rehire him.

It would appear they have Shane well and truly on the run, Cox's recent shenanigans, attempting to steal back your salary have only served to drive membership. Imagine that? Cox even desperately referencing Tozen in his latest fax to the schools.

A worried man. Someone hand me a violin.

We have a mole in this union who will fill us in over the coming weeks.

General Union.


Less info about this lot, seems they have members in Osaka. Not too many. Does anyone have any info on them?

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