Class record sheets.

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Class record sheets.

Post by EdwardUX » Tue Jul 14, 2020 7:24 pm

Any good bureaucracy runs on paperwork. And you gots to keep records, if anything, so you don't look like a moron in front of the students when you tell them to open their books.

Back when I was the king of Shane, this is what you were required to keep. After every lesson, they'd be filled in (in your own time), and whatever DOS might do a surprise visit to check everything was in order.

Note – These are scanned actual size, front and back. And, they are the actual print quality. Pixel-perfect.

Class register on the front:


Lesson records on the back:


I hope to God Shane doesn't use these any more. Mine were simply, U5, P26, and so on. I cannot imagine anyone I know taking the time to squeeze anything more into those narrow spaces.

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