Cox is at it again.

How are you being treated by Shane during this trying time?

Come and tell the world.
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Cox is at it again.

Post by shanedeepthroat » Wed Aug 05, 2020 4:15 pm




First, we are ordered to shelter at home. All the best. Keep yourselves safe and sound, etc, blah, blah. Blah.

Next, it is all, wakey wakey. Let's get back at it.

Then, actually, we want that money back. Remember that money? Your money. That money that you spent on rent, food, booze (likely booze), maybe you sent some home.

Well, fuck off. We want it back.

Though, it's not currently ours. You see, it's yours. So you'll have to legally sign it over to us. Here is a sob story from us as to why we want it.

Or do you prefer a horror story. We can do those just as badly.

A load of guff about the long-term security of the company, a side-order of threats to your own livelihood.

We'll still reserve the right to dole out yearly contracts, with with the bonus that we can sack any of you with only 30 day's notice.

Naturally, we'll fight tooth-and-nail to prevent you all from moving onto lifetime contracts. Even for those of you with nigh on two decades with the company. No, the only folks with any guarantee of security from this outfit are the Japanese, and a handful of gaijin brown-nosers.

So, to that end, here is the latest missive from the lad, Cox.

Try decoding this one, it's in pure Shane-speak. I'll have a go:
Due to the very large decrease in income as outlined in Ito san’s letter

My owner says so, I've got the ring in my nose as he leads me around.

This means that for the 134 option 1 teachers that worked between 26 th and 30 th June 2020, the almost 7 million yen will be paid with
July salary, due on Friday 14 th August 2020. For the July days (Wednesday 1 st and Friday 24 th ), these payment will be
made with August salary to be paid on Tuesday 15 th September 2020.
What the fuck is this? Late payment? That'll be illegal, then?
Your understanding on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

I am asking you for a favour here. For Christ's sake, don't cause a fuss, whatever you do, don't sue us.

Further closures are being investigated for end of March, and these will be published in due course.

This is to scare enough of you angling to renew your contracts, hoping you'll fall for this shtick.

Students will be offered 20-minute practice lessons, where they should be guided on their speech’s content plus some
pointers on intonation and body-language.

20 minutes. That's 80% of the time you get credited for planning an entire day. To that end, make sure you plan thoroughly to help all this wide variety of students perform well in this contest.

Thank, as always, to you all, for your dedication to your students, your schools, your district and Shane as a whole.
Yep, cheers for the dedication. We'll reciprocate by dedicating a contact for you, timed by the year. Count yourself lucky to get that.

Who is falling for this garbage?

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