Ito is still after your money.

How are you being treated by Shane during this trying time?

Come and tell the world.
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Ito is still after your money.

Post by FormerShaneDoS » Fri Jul 31, 2020 5:09 pm

Yep, it's true. I had the honour of serving as a DoS at Shane English School, Japan. Some years ago, but I know the corporate culture. Better than you? Maybe, probably not, but here I go.

My man TJ has passed me the latest communique from Ito. Let me take it for a spin, I'll de-bollocksise it for you.




For starters, either Ito is a flagship student of Shane. A model student to demonstrate the Shane teaching method. The personification of Shane excellence, so good is his written English.

That, or his letters to you are plainly written by Alex Cox.
First of all, I would like to sincerely apologize for the ongoing confusion and anger caused by the Company’s actions over recent weeks.
Why haven't you all signed the form. We want our money back.
I would also like to extend my considerable thanks to Academic
Management for working tirelessly to push for a resolution that ends the confusion

The gaijin management would have contributed nothing, bar casually lying to teachers,
and works for everyone, but mostly for teachers
This will work 100% in the company's favour.
I have three main aims in writing to you today
Obviously, only one aim. Sign the form. Give us your money.

Financial background
Blah, blah blah. Where is the evidence?
A large number of schools will be closing at the end of September/October

They open/close all the time. The greater Tokyo region has a mobile population, demographics change rapidly.
with more potentially scheduled to close at the end of March 2021
Sow a bit of long-term fear for the future of most yearly contracts
it not only represents admitting defeat, but it costs a huge amount of money to return the location to its original state
What? Schools never return. They reopen in different, more profitable locations. More foot traffic, closer to the train station, more kids.
All of this, however, helps Shane to operate a more tightly run ship, with amalgamation and consolidation of schedules, plus other streamlining processes across the Company.
And this is new? It has happened in Shane from the year dot.
As a trial, Shane is operating its first online lessons in August 2020, to be delivered by Academic Managers who haveworked hard to craft an online-friendly course and develop ways to offer the same exceptional classroom service, in an online scenario.
That'll be nice. Imaging your DoS teaching a lesson? A good lesson? I could name names. I bet you can too.
We hope that this will lead to more of an online presence in the near future.
This is the dream. The company can have teachers anywhere in the world, pay them less, forget about accomodation, premises, visas, Tokyo salaries.

Online lessons are on the up across the world. Shane wants a taste. Try 600 yen per hour for size, with no guarantee of any fixed number of lessons.

Some outfits pay you by the minute. By the minute! And imagine all those unemployed teachers, sat at home worldwide on account of Corona. Throw in plenty of never taught before, but keen as mustard - and cheap amateurs. Throw all that into the mix, and Shane is salivating.
Following the publication of my first letter on 29 th June 2020, and without consultation with any Academic Managers, 2 documents called roshi kyotei were sent to schools. These are legally mandated documents that must be created when there is a change to an existing agreement, specifically in relation to contracts and work conditions. ADoS, once they have the latest information, are the only Academic
Managers legally allowed to discuss and answer questions on these documents. What should have happened is that a detailed explanation of what these documents were, what they are designed to do and how you are involved in them should have been provided to you all, but it wasn’t so please accept my sincere apologies for this.
We never bothered in the past. Not for decades. This was forced on us by the Shane Union. We'd rather you remain in the dark regarding your legal, labor rights in Japan.
ADoS, once they have the latest information, are the only Academic Managers legally allowed to discuss and answer questions on these documents.
Eh? Imagine that? Your competently discussing labor law with you?
The second roshi kyotei ensures agreement that deductions from salary can be made, specifically for any teacher who becomes option 1 in relation to Coronavirus. Any roshi kyotei is required for every directly owned Shane school and a democratically voted representative (daihyou jyugyouin in Japanese), who wins the nomination for each school, needs to sign off on it.
Obviously, we denied the teachers their legally codified right to elect a workplace representative for decades. As an empty, meaningless ploy, we introduced the “Teachers Representative” wheeze. A ridiculously pointless exercise for all involved.

Once the union started kicking up a fuss, we simply stuffed the ballots, we forced representatives on teachers. For the love of Christ, we'd shit ourselves if any union reps or any politically aware teachers were elected as workplace reps.
Shane stands by its ultimate goal of ensuring the livelihood of its valuable employees
Valuable? That'll be me, the other directors, and a handful of Japanese staff further on down the trough. You? Come on, are you serious?

which is in line with Japanese Labor law
A quick nod to law which may be in the company's favour. Won't get into details here on any clauses that will definitely benefit you.
If you have any questions about this, you should first contact your DoS,
Your DoS? Come on?
but they may need to seek clarification from the Personnel Department, where necessary.
This means that your DoS has absolutely no say so at all regarding this or any operational matter that doesn't involve ringing up teachers who are late, who have pissed off students or Japanese staff and observing troublemakers.

The clarification = me.

And I have already made the decision.

Sign the form.

I want your money.

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