Oh my Lord. How the hell did he ever get this job?

CSD, Head of young learners. Is he still there?
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Oh my Lord. How the hell did he ever get this job?

Post by Andrew1982Shody » Fri Feb 07, 2020 11:34 pm

How difficult can it possibly be? You arrange "training" sessions where you simply give some basic ideas for teaching kindergarten lessons.

The Wheels on the Bus, Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes, etc.

You burn a few CD's for the teachers to play, you ring them up if they are late. Any moron could do that, couldn't they?

Though, if you were a betting man, you'd be betting against the promotions policy of the Shane management.

Senior Teacher to ADoS to DoS. That's generally the progression, but I wouldn't bank on the cream rising to the surface, not in Shane at any rate.

You'd think that to be a senior manager at Shane, then basic literacy would be a prerequisite. You'd think so, you'd be wrong.

We are talking here of a character for whom English is some strange, alien hieroglyph. Actually get an email from this man, even a cursory scan will reveal such a shameful butchering of English grammar, spelling, syntax that you have to question either the state of the basic UK education system, or Shane's hiring/promotion policy.

That's if you ever receive an email. Seems most of my mails to him disappeared into a black hole, never to be replied to.

I heard from my friend about some training session he was in charge of and he was plainly making it up as he went along. Someone asked him about the structure of a kids' lesson and he turned to the whiteboard and attempted to write the word phonics

He took it slow. p-h-o-n-i...pause, long pause..... phonis.

He knew it was wrong. Then he joked
Dog, cat, that's the best I can spell.
Thing is, he actually meant it as well.

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