Is he currently standing up?

CDS DoS. Is he still there?
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Re: Is he currently standing up?

Post by Waltvor » Thu Mar 12, 2020 6:29 pm

Agreed, he is a right piss-head.

He was notorious for it when he was a DoS over in SESJ. Some of the "training" sessions he gave were fucking well atrocious. A wonder he wasn't flat out on his back. What a state he was in. Looked like a comedy, was really a tragedy. Or was it a farce? You had to be there.

I did some part-time for CSD and saw him again after a few years. Christ almighty. Unshaved, reeking of nicotine, booze, unwashedness. Not a pleasant site. He had a gloss of competence, professionalism and dependability to match his exterior.

The fact he can last so long at Shane is comforting, if he can hammer out a living, getting by on so very little, so can you (and me)

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