In as many words as you like, how would you best describe working at Shane English School, Japan?
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Post by KennethVam » Mon Jul 13, 2020 4:13 pm

Managers? They are called DoSes, maybe (and that's a maybe), they'll have an ADoS to help them out.

DoS? That's Director of Studies.

So, you can ask them how you are supposed to plan 6.5 hour's worth of teaching in 30 minutes. They'll soon direct you to fuck off. They are simply glorified Senior Teachers. There to chase you up if you take too many sick days, chase you up if there are any complaints about you from students (likely) or from the Japanese staff (highly likely).

You may get observed, then again, if you keep your head down, you could well get away with it.

When they are speaking on behalf of the company, they'll be incredibly serious and officious.
This is a very serious matter.
The company expects.
We'll have to re-examine the terms of your employment.
This is them, themselves, keeping their heads down, rubber-stamping everything handed down from their Japanese owners. They won't be at all schooled in the arts of management, trust me on this. What else to do, but simply do as you are told, cherish the time you are spending not teaching, earning a bit more coin while you are in Japan? No point reinventing the wheel.

But, other times (because they'll be asking you to work outside contract, work below rate, work through your break, work for free, et al) they'll play the old.....
I'm in the same boat as you.
We all have to do this.
I really don't know, I'll get back to you on this (trust me, that's the last you've heard)
Of course, they aren't in the same boat as you. Likely, they'll have a lifetime contract, they'll have proper health insurance, they'll have company sponsored night's out. They even get a weekend away to places like Hong Kong and Vietnam.

You'll be paying for all that when you are planning lessons outside the mandated 30 minutes, when you are required to stay in the school when you do not have anyone to teach. You are legally in your own time, try walking out for an ice cream, see how long it is until you get a passive-aggressive phone call from your director.

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