Where to begin with this character?

CSD. Styles himself a "Senior Manager", not a DoS.

So, that makes him a DoS.
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Where to begin with this character?

Post by Andrew1982Shody » Tue Feb 04, 2020 6:04 pm

I was part-time at CSD, and for that you can read casual, no rights whatsoever employee.. Though, you sign a contract that says in black and white that you have absolutely no promise of an income, but you have to be available, for a year.

He "interviewed" me. Was basically a case of:

When can you start?

Can you turn up every week?

Can you see out the year?

Can you prepare and mark all of the homework in your own time?

I was desperate, what could I say?

Gardner gave me the book, quote from him -
Here you go, it's crap.
What really struck me was how he spent so much time bad-mouthing the other CSD managers. Dan, Steve, and someone else I cannot remember. And, I'll hand it to Anthony Gardner, he can do impressions really well. It progressed to him running down the other teachers. He didn't have a good word to say about anybody. Managers, teachers, Japanese staff. Anybody. Probably me included.

I kept in touch with one of the other CSD teachers. He says Gardner scrambled up the pole and sacked all the full-time teachers, plus the other managers.

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