Shaneleaks - Terms of use

We will never share your personal information with anyone. Hand to God. Honest, we we will not.

Just post the truth, that is all we ask of you. Tell us, and we will tell the world. What a deal.

If you currently work for Shane and are worried about your security if you post sensitive information, worry not. We are not hosted in Japan, Shane have no legal right to access our server in Puerto Rico, and it would be an epic legal fight to convince a local judge to force us to divulge anything.

Just do not post anthing that is racist, threatening, sexually offensive, or otherwise likely to attract legal attention.

We reserve the right to edit, delete or do whatever we like with the posts. Deal with it. You can name names, as long as they are management, please do not get into slating other teachers. Though, if it is a senior teacher who is constantly ratting you out to management, we will allow it. Contact us first about this.

If you have documents to upload to us, or audio, any bulky files, contact us.

Pictures, we love pictures. Schools, Managers, DoSes, ADoSes. If any of your pics have anyone else in them, please blur their faces. If you do not have the skills, we will blur them for you.

So, them is the rules. Abide by the rules of political correctness, it is the 21st Century, after all. Follow the rules as best you can and we will all get on handsomely

Are you a Shane manager? We would love to hear feom you as well. You have some explaining to do.

See at the bottom of every page? See it says Contact Us? Clicck on that to send us a direct message about anything you like.

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